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Retaining Walls/Drainage Systems

in Baldwin County: Fairhope, AL & Surrounding Areas

Retaining Walls

When you want to take your residential or commercial property to the next level of landscaping, consider multi-level retaining walls and drainage systems. By terracing your property, you can take full advantage of its vertical contouring and maximize your surface area. We specialize in wooden pier walls, but have extensive knowledge in stone and concrete work as well. Let our professional landscaping team evaluate the your property for your retaining wall needs.

Draining Systems

If your property is slow to drain after a rain storm, we can help. Allowing water to stand for long periods of time is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Jim Rillo Landscaping can provide the water draining system that will allow the efficient disbursement of water. We offer French drains and above-ground solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and within budget. 

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